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Volvo A 25 G
Year: 2017
Hours: 7.249 h
135.000 EUR

Articulated dump trucks

Articulated dumpers belong to the general category of dumpers and tipping trailers. These machines are essential for transporting and - as the name suggests - dumping soil. This includes materials such as sand, earth, gravel and rubble. The vehicles are characterised by a large loading platform that can be tipped using a hydraulic system.The cargo of the loading bay is thus quickly and efficiently unloaded. An excavator or wheel loader is required to load a dumper. An articulated dumper is an indispensable tool for earthmoving on, and transport between, different construction sites

Articulated dump truck specifications

Dumpers and tipping trailers are often self-propelled, but can also be pulled by a tractor. Articulated dump trucks are the self-propelled type and get their name from the fact that they have a hinge construction and shaft drive.

Articulated steering

The articulated joint is located in the centre of the vehicle, between the cabin and the loading bay. In combination with shaft drive, this so-called articulated joint ensures that articulated dump trucks have a very small turning radius. This makes the machine easy to steer and practical to use on small construction sites.

Articulated dumper versus rigid dumper

With an articulated dumper, work on uneven terrain, steep slopes or slippery or soft surfaces is easy. However, unlike the rigid dumper (without articulated steering), the articulated dumper can only carry a relatively small amount of weight. An articulated dumper can carry 55 metric tonnes at the most, whereas a rigid dumper can carry up to 300 metric tonnes. The rigid dumper is therefore often larger, less stable and less manoeuvrable.Also, the rigid dumper often cannot drive on public roads, but has to be dismantled for transport.

Articulated dump trucks

The dimensions, weight capacity and other specifications of dumpers and tippers depend on the type of work to be done with them. For example, towable dumpers are commonly used in agriculture. Self-propelled dumpers, such as the articulated dumpster, are ideal for open - pit mining

Most articulated dump trucks are relatively large and heavy. They are therefore suitable for large earthmoving operations on rough terrain. Articulated dump trucks are useful in both construction and demolition. On the one hand, they can be used to supply dump material, and on the other hand, they are suitable for removing demolition material.In opencast mining, the stability and manoeuvrability of the articulated hauler are indispensable.

Because articulated dump trucks run on pneumatic tyres, they can also transport their load on public roads. However, due to the size of the machine and the relatively low speed at which it can be driven, this is only suitable for transport over short distances.

Advantages and disadvantages of articulated hauler


  • particularly suitable for transporting large quantities of soil, sand, rubble or other material
  • fast and efficient unloading by means of a tipping system
  • extremely stable on slippery or soft surfaces, or on steep slopes
  • highly manoeuvrable and easy to use in areas with little room for manoeuvre
  • easy to move on public roads


  • has considerably less capacity than the rigid dumper
  • must be loaded by means of an excavator or wheel loader

Articulated dumpers from Aertssen Trading

Decades of experience with construction machinery have enabled Aertssen Trading to put together a comprehensive range of articulated dump trucks. The range consists of high-quality vehicles of renowned brands such as Volvo, Caterpillar and Komatsu. In the field of articulated haulers, Volvo is pioneer and market leader. Whatever your construction project requires, you will find a suitable articulated hauler at Aertssen Trading.


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