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CAT 395 short GP boom-stick optional 21m longreach
Year: 2023
Hours: 953 h

Develon DX360LC-7M (1 piece available)
Year: 2023
Hours: 8 h
187.000 EUR

Hitachi ZX470LC-5G (Abu Dhabi)
Year: 2022
Hours: 9.036 h
161.327 EUR

Volvo EC380EL
Year: 2018
Hours: 8.288 h
122.500 EUR

Sany SY220C-9
Year: 2022
Hours: 4 h
72.500 EUR

Crawler excavators

For intensive excavation work on unstable surfaces, crawler excavators are the answer. A crawler excavator is an excavator that remains extremely stable in a variety of conditions thanks to its tracks. This machine has no problem with difficult to reach places, uneven surfaces or swampy environments. Caterpillar excavators not only easily drive over bumps and potholes, but also level the ground at the same time. During excavation work, the machine scoops the soil towards the cab, which provides additional stability and prevents the machine from tipping over.

Specifications of crawler excavators

Weight capacity

Crawler excavators come in all shapes and sizes. They start at a weight capacity of 1 tonne, but can be as heavy as 90 tonnes. The compact 1 or 2.5 tonne models, also known as mini crawler excavators, are functional and accessible for many companies with different purposes.For example, they can be transported with a trailer, which means that the carrier does not need a large driving licence.The large machines are suitable for heavy earthmoving work and must be transported professionally.


The tracks, which are also called tracks, come in different widths. For heavy excavation work on unstable ground, a tracked excavator with a large weight capacity and wide tracks is necessary


With many tracked excavators, it is possible to connect different attachments to the excavator arm. These attachments are easy to change by means of a quick coupling. This allows different jobs to be carried out with the same excavator. Telescopic excavators also have an extendable arm, which makes them suitable for loading freight.

Demolition excavator

Is the machine used exclusively for demolition? Then we also speak of a demolition excavator. These demolition excavators are fully configured to make demolition work as easy as possible.They have a special cab, straight boom and different attachments to facilitate demolition work at different heights.

Crawler excavator work

Due to its stability, the crawler excavator is particularly suitable for heavy earthmoving work on rough terrain. The machine is often used in road construction, demolition work or in the agricultural sector.Gardening companies also use mini tracked excavators.Finally, loading and unloading of lorries or ships is regularly done with telescopic excavators.

However, the tracks make it difficult for a crawler excavator to drive on ordinary roads. The tracks cause a lot of friction with the road surface, so the machine moves slowly and can also cause damage to the asphalt. Caterpillar excavators are therefore not suitable for travelling longer distances.They are often transported or moved with a trailer.For greater mobility, a wheeled excavator on pneumatic tyres is more suitable.

Unlike a wheel loader, excavators do not have a large load back. Therefore, although they can excavate quickly and effectively, they cannot move large amounts of material at the same time.Due to its limited mobility, the tracked excavator operates most efficiently when working in one place as much as possible, or when travelling short distances.

Advantages and disadvantages of crawler excavators


  • Extremely stable on irregular or boggy surfaces
  • easy to move on uneven surfaces
  • suitable for levelling the subsoil
  • can be used for a variety of tasks through different attachments


  • difficult to move on public roads
  • not suitable for moving large amounts of material at once

Crawler excavators from Aertssen Trading

Aertssen Trading has a wide range of crawler excavators of different well-known brands, such as Liebherr, Caterpillar, Hitachi and Volvo. All machines of Aertssen Trading use the latest techniques and are carefully maintained. This ensures that the machines function optimally and make a valuable contribution to each project.


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