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Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3345(6x6 + Hydraulic Tipping System)
Year: 2019
76.500 EUR

MAN TGA18.440 (4x2)
Year: 2009
15.000 EUR

MAN 6x6 TGS33.460 + Meiller MHPS Tipper Trailer
Year: 2017
59.000 EUR

MAN NTGS33.510 + DTM GRANALU Tipper (2 sets available
Year: 2022
125.000 EUR


In the construction and transport sector, goods, materials and even machines constantly have to be transported from A to B. Depending on the type of transport, different types of trucks are used, from delivery vans to tractors with trailers. These trucks are an important link in every logistical process.

Tractor and trailer

The combination of a tractor and a trailer is undoubtedly the best known configuration of cargo vehicles. A tractor is a loose cabin on wheels to which a semi-trailer, a trailer or a trailer can be attached. The advantage of this configuration is that the tractor can be combined with all kinds of different trailers. The type of trailer used depends on the type of load.

The tractor can drive independently, without a trailer. This means that trailers can be loaded and unloaded without the presence of the tractor unit or driver. The driver can therefore pick up and transport a load somewhere, and leave the load, trailer and all, at the destination. This saves a lot of time in the transport process.

The truck is also a tractor-trailer combination, although in this case the trailer is often permanent. For transport over long distances, truck tractors are equipped with sleeping cabins.

Low loaders for large transport

For the exceptional transport of large objects that cannot be dismantled, such as some (parts of) construction machines, a specific type of trailer is used: the low loader. The low loader is an open trailer (without sides or roof), which makes it only suitable for loads that can withstand the weather

Low Loader

Low-bed trailers are trailers with lowered axles. As a result, the low loader is very close to the road surface - sometimes only fifteen centimetres - so that a higher load can be carried. Some loads do not fit under bridges or viaducts on a normal trailer, but they do on a low loader.On the other hand, a low loader cannot be driven over door thresholds and hills. It is therefore important to take account of the so-called ground clearance(the distance between the underside of the low loader and the road surface) in route planning. A low-loader truck can be up to 22 metres long and carry loads of up to 50 tonnes.

Semi low loader

For not too high, but indivisible loads, a semi-low loader is used. This semi-trailer has no lowered axles and can therefore transport the load over thresholds and hills. The capacity of a semi-low loader is usually smaller than that of a normal low loader

Trucks from Aertssen Trading

Aertssen Trading has been active in the world of construction and transport for more than half a century. Therefore you are at the right place for purchasing a transport vehicle that suits your needs. The range consists of various, optimally maintained tractors, trailers and vans of reliable brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Faymonville, Gorica and Volvo. Aertssen Trading will gladly help you make the right investment.


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