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Komatsu PW118MR-11
Year: 2019
Hours: 2.581 h
84.000 EUR

Hyundai HX140W
Year: 2016
Hours: 9.920 h
49.000 EUR

Year: 2016
Hours: 9.036 h
75.000 EUR

Hitachi ZX170W-6-2P
Year: 2018
Hours: 9.473 h
63.000 EUR

Hitachi ZX170W-5B
Year: 2016
Hours: 8.003 h
63.000 EUR

Wheeled excavators

Fast and efficient excavation and earthmoving work is made possible with a wheeled excavator. Wheeled excavators differ from crawler excavators because of their pneumatic tyres. This makes them easier to move and more manoeuvrable.For this reason, wheeled excavators are also called mobile excavators

A wheeled excavator can excavate a large amount of soil in a short period of time. The mobility of the machine also makes it possible to move and dispose of these quantities of soil quickly.However, what the wheeled excavator gains in mobility, it loses in stability.This machine is therefore less suitable for unstable or marshy ground.

Wheeled excavator specifications

Although wheeled excavators are often smaller than crawler excavators, there are machines with a weight capacity of 1 to 90 tonnes. Mini wheeled excavators are suitable for precision work on small areas with little room to move.Gardeners and companies in the agricultural sector often use this easy - to - operate excavator.


Wheeled excavators can be used for different jobs by changing the attachments on the excavator arm. A quick coupling allows for easy mounting of such attachments. Examples of interchangeable attachments are crushing buckets for demolition work, bucket grabs for picking up and moving debris, and sorting grabs for grading work.

A wheeled excavator can also be equipped with a tipping device. This allows the attachment to be tilted on the digger arm and the machine itself has to make fewer manoeuvres to get into the right position. This saves a lot of time and increases efficiency and productivity.


The wheeled excavator is not as stable as the crawler excavator, but stability can be increased with a hydraulic blade or hydraulic props. These additions distribute the weight of the machine over a larger area and can also be used effectively to level the ground.

Wheeled excavator work

The manoeuvrability of wheeled excavators and the many possibilities of attachments make the machine suitable for various purposes. However, the wheeled excavator is most often used for digging pits and trenches, moving material and levelling terrain.Depending on the size of the machine, it can dig up to several metres deep.This is a big advantage over the wheel loader, a machine that is also used for moving soil, but which cannot dig deep.

Advantages and disadvantages of wheeled excavators


  • suitable for digging up to several metres deep
  • highly manoeuvrable and easy to use in areas with little room for manoeuvre
  • Easy to move on site, allowing excavated soil to be moved immediately
  • easy to move via the public road
  • can be used for a variety of tasks through different attachments


  • less stable than crawler excavators due to air tyres

Wheeled excavators from Aertssen Trading

Aertssen Trading has been active in the construction machinery market for more than fifty years and buys and sells state-of-the-art excavators of well-known brands such as Caterpillar, Liebherr, Hitachi and Volvo. Quality and functionality are of paramount importance. The maintenance department of Aertssen Trading ensures that all offered wheeled excavators are in optimum condition. A machine of Aertssen Trading is therefore a valuable investment for your project.


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