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7d Volvo L150H
Year: 2020
Hours: 10.021 h
125.000 EUR

Volvo L 110 H
Year: 2019
Hours: 4.845 h
124.000 EUR

Volvo L350H
Year: 2018
Hours: 9.717 h

Year: 2018
Hours: 9.127 h
71.775 EUR

CAT 980 H (Abu Dhabi)
Year: 2014
Hours: 16.808 h
129.567 EUR

CAT 980 L (Abu Dhabi)
Year: 2017
Hours: 17.350 h
135.160 EUR

CAT 950M (new tyres + round steer)
Year: 2019
Hours: 12.431 h
75.000 EUR

CAT 966M
Year: 2014
Hours: 10.048 h
71.000 EUR

CAT 966M
Year: 2014
Hours: 9.211 h
76.000 EUR

Liebherr L586 2Plus2
Year: 2011
Hours: 11.171 h
63.000 EUR

Volvo L30G (Bucket + Forks)
Year: 2022
Hours: 282 h
54.000 EUR
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CAT 938K (with round steer)
Year: 2015
Hours: 9.394 h
55.000 EUR

Wheel loaders

Wheel loaders offer countless application possibilities and are therefore true all-rounders in the field of construction machinery. However, because of the large bucket, they are particularly suitable for moving large quantities of sand or soil in one go.They have great mobility and manoeuvrability but, unlike crawler excavators or wheeled excavators, they cannot dig much deeper than their own wheel level.The strength of wheel loaders is the ease with which the machines move soil, rubble or other objects.They are therefore also called shovels or earthmoving machines.

Wheel Loader Specifications

It is no surprise that the all-rounder of construction machinery comes in all kinds of versions. There are mini-wheel loaders from 1,300 kg, suitable for light work.But if the job calls for big guns, there are also wheel loaders with a weight capacity of over 200 tonnes


Most wheel loaders have a quick coupler. This piece of technology makes it possible to easily mount various attachments to the arm. The separate attachments each have their own function and are suitable for different purposes. Common attachments are: a rubble bucket for moving rubble, a sweeping broom for cleaning the terrain, and pallet forks for lifting pallets with cargo.However, the possibilities are endless.Stone clamps, hoisting masts, soil drills, mowers and feed dosing containers can also be mounted on a wheel loader.

Articulated steering

On sites with little room for manoeuvre, high manoeuvrability of the wheel loader is a requirement. To meet this need, some wheel loaders have articulated steering. By means of a hinge construction in the middle of the machine and so-called cardan drive, articulated steering ensures that wheel loaders have a very small turning circle. In combination with the relatively small width of wheel loaders, this makes these machines very suitable for use in confined spaces. A characteristic of articulated wheel loaders is that they have equally large front and rear wheels.

Wheel loader work

Wheel loaders are used for countless activities, but they are particularly suitable for material and earth moving. The machines are therefore widely used in earth, water and road construction. Here they level the subsoil by moving excavated soil to terrain that needs to be raised. In this way, the ground is prepared for construction.

Wheel loaders are also often used for paving and landscaping, at transhipment sites and in the agricultural sector.

Advantages and disadvantages of wheel loaders


  • Particularly suitable for moving large quantities of soil, sand, rubble or materials
  • Highly manoeuvrable (especially with articulated steering) and easy to manoeuvre on the job site
  • can be used for a wide range of tasks thanks to a large number of attachments
  • easy to move via the public road


  • not to be used for digging deeper than own wheel level

Wheel loaders of Aertssen Trading

Aertssen Trading has years of experience with all kinds of construction machines. When buying and selling wheel loaders, quality and service come first. Therefore, Aertssen Trading only offers wheel loaders of renowned brands such as Caterpillar, Doosan, Volvo and Ahlmann. This way the purchase of a wheel loader is guaranteed to be a valuable investment. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities of a wheel loader for your company or project.


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