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Brand / modelProduct groupInternal stock no.Year of manufactureHours of useOther informationPrice excl. VAT
Grove GMK 4080All terrain cranesATR-053320118931 h299.000
Grove GMK 5220All terrain cranesATR-011220132119 h599.000
Terex Demag AC 700All terrain cranesT0270420075808 hConfiguration possible = HA, HASSL,HAV, HAVSSL, LF, LFSSL,WIHI, WIHISSL 60m main boom - 96 m jib1.900.000
Caterpillar 2 pcs Boom + stick to fit 385C/390D/390FBooms and armsATR-0247ab20141 pc Original Caterpillar 10m boom and 5.5m stick comes with bucket cylinder and HB linkage 1 pc Original Caterpillar 8.4m boom and 3.4m stick comes with bucket cylinder and JC linkage Fits on CAT385C, CAT390D and CAT390F price is per piece45.000
Hitachi EX 2500-6 boom-arm-bucket-ripperBooms and arms20126000 hEX2500-6 boom 9m + arm 4,2m Includes 2 bucket cylinder and 2 stick cylinders Includes 1 rock bucket 12m³ Includes 1 ripper bucket 7 m³ Includes 1 ripper for EX2500125.000
[Other] JAB JB 141Hammers / BreakersATR-08422010Fits on 35 to 58 ton excavators12.000
[Other] JAB JB40 (4 pieces available)Hammers / BreakersATR-0837 t/m ATR-08402011Fits on 6 to 10 ton excavators5.000
Benna ZX 180W (700Ltr)BucketsATR-084920172.500
Doosan 2.1 M³ rockbucket DX 340 LCBucketsATR-068620162.500
John Deere 824 J (5m3)BucketsATR-08434.500
klepp mek Bucket+ quick couplerBucketsQuick coupler ==> VB linkage10.000
Pladdet zw330 (4.7m3)BucketsATR-084420105.000
Verachtert 2.7M³ Rockbucket (R946 Link)BucketsATR-0247s20156.000
Verachtert 2.7M³ Grizzly bucket (TB linkage)BucketsATR-0247t20156.000
Verachtert 2.7M³ grizzly bucket (DB linkage)BucketsATR-0247v20156.000
Verachtert 2.8M3 Grizzly bucket (ZX470 link)BucketsATR-0247m20156.000
Verachtert 4.4M³ grizzlybucket (HB Linkage) (2pieces)BucketsATR-02741ah201610.000
Verachtert 4.4M³ Rockbucket (HB linkage)BucketsATR-0247af201610.000
Verachtert 6M3 VB linkageBucketsATR-0247e201510.000
Verachtert Rockbucket 4.5M3 ZX870 LinkBucketsATR-0247f201510.000
[Other] Ceytech HD Bucket 1.31M3BucketsATR-084620152.500
X block frame Fits to 980H (2pieces)ForksATR-0247i-ATR-0247j20154.500
Verachtert 2m³ clamshell grabGrapples
[Other] Verstegen 11m³ clamshell grabGrapples
[Other] verstegen 3.5m³ clamshell grabGrapples3.5m3 clamshell grab.
Verachtert Lummel (TB+ZX470 linkage)(2 Pieces)Other componentsATR-0247n/ATR-0247o2015750
Verachtert Lummel 390 (JC / HB Link)Other componentsATR-0247x/ATR-02471af2016750
Hamm 23.1-26 ( 3 pieces available)Tyres, wheels and rimsATR-08471.000
Grove GMK 6200-1(10ton counterweight(2pieces))Crane parts and equipmentATR-01122011
Komatsu D155AX-8 (GPS optional)Crawler dozersATR-092920182998 hCan be sold optionally with Topcon GPS
Caterpillar 320D3Crawler excavators20217 h104.500
Caterpillar 323 D3Crawler excavators20213 h115.000
Caterpillar 336 D2 L MECrawler excavatorsATR-066220156682 h135.000
Caterpillar 336 D2LCrawler excavatorsATR-057620166539 h137.500
Caterpillar 349 D2LCrawler excavatorsATR-087320175363 h
Caterpillar 365 CCrawler excavatorsATR-0833200813696 h109.000
Doosan DX 225 LC-5Crawler excavatorsATR-069720172811 h79.000
Doosan DX 340 LC-5 (narrow track)Crawler excavatorsATR-068620165864 h104.000
Doosan DX225 LCA (5 pieces unused)Crawler excavatorsATR-087220218 h94.500
Hitachi EX 1200-6 (frontless or 29m longreach)Crawler excavatorsE544201221233 hSold frontless including boomcylinders or sold with 29m longreach including 15.000kg extra counterweight
Hitachi EX 1900-6 (41m longreach)Crawler excavatorsATR-024720168404 h- It weighs in at 275.000 kg. -The boom is 23m long and weighs 49.000 kg -The stick is 17m long and weighs 12.000 kg -The bucket linkage I that of a ZX870 and works with a 4 m³ full hardox rock bucket. -It has 3 lift rams of the EX1900, the stick cylinders are EX1900. -The track frame is made longer to 10m and it has widening beams to make the width 9m, perfect for stability -It has all extra hydraulic functions for grab, rotator, hammer, drum cutter, … -It has a fully stainless steel autolube system and an additional system for the bucket linkage -In the lift chart you should read the bold figure in black, for example at 0m height and 23m far it lifts 25.850 kg, at 0m and 37m far it is 13.400kg. Underwater at -20 and 21m far it is 19.300kg. The underwater figures are without counting in the buoyancy. At that depth the stick/boom gives easily an extra 10.000kg upward lift
Hitachi ZX 280 LC H-3Crawler excavatorsATR-0947200717431 h49.000
Hitachi ZX220LC - UNUSED - 8 piecesCrawler excavatorsATR-071420216 h93.000
Hyundai Robex R210 ( unused - 2 pieces)Crawler excavatorsATR-0737-073820214 h76.000
Kobelco SK 140 SR LC-5Crawler excavatorsATR-069120182579 h77.500
Kobelco SK 220-10 (unused - 4 pieces)Crawler excavatorsATR-087820214 h92.500
Komatsu HB215LC-2Crawler excavatorsATR-089220147760 h65.000
Komatsu PC210LC-10Crawler excavatorsATR-079420157487 h67.000
Komatsu PC210LC-10M0Crawler excavators20213 h99.000
Kubota KX 057-4Crawler excavatorsATR-089020151587 h39.000
Kubota U 55-4Crawler excavatorsATR-079520164089 h35.500
Liebherr R 934 C LCCrawler excavatorsATR-064120172341 h134.000
Liebherr R 936 LCCrawler excavatorsATR-090320173193 h109.000
Liebherr R 954 C (new U/C)Crawler excavatorsATR-0859201014458 h69.000
Liebherr R 954 C HDCrawler excavatorsATR-075820164910 h139.000
Liebherr R 954 C HDCrawler excavatorsATR-0759201114114 h69.000
Liebherr R9150BCrawler excavatorsATR-092720192830 h
Takeuchi TB2150RCrawler excavatorsATR-074720171627 h79.000
Volvo EC 250 D LCrawler excavatorsATR-0753201210618 h59.000
Volvo EC 380 D LCrawler excavatorsATR-090620119268 h65.000
Caterpillar D 6 N LGPDozersATR-079120157343 h119.000
Caterpillar D 6 N LGP (with trimble GPS)DozersATR-079220139188 h109.000
Caterpillar D 6 R LGP II (new u/c)DozersATR-0936200220537 h
Caterpillar D 6 T LGPDozersATR-052120156594 h152.000
Caterpillar D 9 RDozersATR-0826201013305 hAvailable end June 2021179.000
Caterpillar D 9 R (reman engine+ new AC)DozersATR-0163201211572 h269.000
Komatsu D65PX-17(Leica GPS prepared)DozersATR-089920147788 h99.000
Komatsu D65PX-18 (Leica GPS prepared)DozersATR-089720157276 h109.000
Komatsu D65PX-18 (Leica GPS prepared)DozersATR-089820157358 h109.000
Komatsu D85PX-15DozersATR-090020036442 h79.000
Komatsu D85PX-18 (optional with Topcon GPS)DozersATR-074820158676 hGPS can be purchased extra for 30.000 euro129.000
Liebherr PR 736 L GP ( new U/C)DozersATR-085720173247 h139.000
Liebherr PR 764DozersATR-082520127390 h209.000
Caterpillar 140 M 3GradersATR-090120175959 hTrimble GPS prepared179.000
[Other] Sleipner E120Load handling accessories200675.000
MAN 33.400 6x6 ServicetruckOther trucksATR-00272017Servicetruck MAN 6x6 Euro 2 engine Effer crane Extra storage bins Atlas Copco Compressor SDMO Generator 1000 liter watertank with Kranzle High pressure cleaner 800 liter wast eoil tank with in/out pump Workbench 7 Hose reels samoa with pump171.000
Bell B 50 DArticulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)ATR-085620157500 h169.000
Bell B 50 EArticulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)ATR-079320177470 h
Bell B 50 EArticulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)ATR-093120184485 h
Bell B 50 EArticulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)ATR-093220184215 h
Komatsu HM300-1Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)ATR-0774200511121 h44.000
Komatsu HM300-3Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)ATR-067720155581 h165.000
Volvo A 45 GArticulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)ATR-093320192204 h
Volvo A 45 GArticulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)ATR-093420192252 h
Ammann ART 280Pneumatic tired rollersATR-0390201876 hextra 10 ton counter weight added82.500
Grove RT 530 ERough terrain cranesATR-083120061785 hAvailable end June 202179.000
Grove RT 550 ERough terrain cranesATR-086020163909 h189.000
Tadano GR300EX (Qatar)Rough terrain cranesATR-002420089017 hMaintenance report available , service every 500hrs , all function working , Body OK , Tires OK , Wire rope good condition All located in Qatar92.500
CASE 1110 EX-DSingle drum rollers20216 h42.000
Caterpillar CS 64 BSingle drum rollersATR-03702018348 h73.000
Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 2800/2Tracked cranesT02291201412790 hTPC certificate attached699.000
Hitachi Sumitomo SCX900-2 C3Tracked cranesATR-0638200811107 h309.000
Sennebogen 643 R HDTracked cranesATR-076620137568 h199.000
Terex Demag CC 2800-1Tracked cranesT2692201015333 hPossible configurations : SH, LH, SSL, LSL, HSSL, SW, SWSL, SFSL, SFVL, LF2 Main boom: 84m Jib : 84m S7 Boom : 48m Counterweight : 60t body & 180t regular Cranepass available on request1.800.000
Mercedes-Benz Actros 1945Tractor UnitsATR-0644201536.995
Mercedes-Benz Actros 1945Tractor UnitsATR-0643201536.995
Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3348sTractor UnitsATR-0646201672.500
Volvo FH16-750 (260Ton Push Pull + ballast)Tractor UnitsATR-09422017137.000
Hitachi ZX 140 W-5BWheeled excavatorsATR-085220165099 h79.000
Hyundai HW 210Wheeled excavatorsATR-051220184556 h119.000


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