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Sennebogen EQ 880 - 35 /40m reach (2 pieces)
Year: 2011
Hours: 17.057 h
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Waste processors

The waste processing and recycling industry has its own category of waste handling machines. These waste processing machines provide efficient and effective sorting, size reduction or pulverisation of material. They are therefore also used in mining operations and opencast mining.

Types of waste processors

Depending on the work and the industry, different types of waste handling equipment can be used.

Transfer crane

The transfer crane is a mostly mobile vehicle on air or caterpillar tracks with a long arm with a hinge in the middle. The machine has a large reach because of its long arm. At the end of the arm there is usually a grab to sort, stack and move goods. The crane can also be effectively used for loading and unloading. Transshipment cranes are mostly used in recycling centres and transshipment stations, but also in landscaping or in port operations

Mobile screening machine

Screening machines are often large machines on pneumatic or caterpillar tyres that have so-called screening decks or screening panels. These screening decks have a certain fraction size, which allows the screening machine to screen and pre-sort large amounts of material. The mobile screening machine is used in the waste processing, recycling and demolition industries to sort waste, but also in opencast mining. Here, the screening machine filters raw materials from the mined soil. A tracked screening machine is ideally suited for this industry as the tracks enable the machine to be driven effectively over rough terrain.The screening panels can be fitted with magnetic strips if required.

Waste press

A waste press or baler compacts large quantities of waste. This allows for compact storage of waste or for transporting larger quantities of waste in containers at the same time.


A pulveriser often serves the same function as the waste press, but with materials that cannot be pressed together, such as stone. The pulveriser reduces large pieces of soil or stone, often brought in by excavators or dumpers, to grit. This makes it easier to dispose of or transport. A pulveriser can also be used prior to screening. The material is then sorted by a screening machine after pulverisation.

Waste processors of Aertssen Trading

Do you need an efficient and high-quality waste processor for your project or company? Aertssen Trading has various types of waste processors for different activities. These machines are all from renowned and high quality brands, such as Caterpillar, McCloskey, Tana and Metso. The range is carefully maintained and immediately operational. So you can get started with your project right away.


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